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Well here it is....... my very first Blog

Some people might say "late to the party", but then, there's another saying..."better late than never" too.

I have been meaning to add a Blog section to our website for ages, but work, life, and other distractions have meant that only now have I finally got round to writing my very first blog, so here it is...Let me know what you think.....

Hi Everyone ! I am thrilled to announce that next month, I'll be attending the NEC Classic Car Show on the A40 Farina Club stand (Hall 3A, Stand 280). The 4 Week Countdown has officially begun! Yes, you heard that right! We are less than 4 weeks away from this fantastic event. The anticipation is real, and the engines (both literal and metaphorical) are starting to roar! Can you tell I’m excited?! I'll be there on Friday and Saturday, so if you're planning on attending, please make sure to come over and say "Hello". It's always a pleasure to meet you all in person and share our passion for classic cars. Stay connected with me over the next few weeks as we build up to the show. Head over to my social media pages to dive into discussions, share your thoughts, and get sneak peeks into what's coming up at the show. I'd love to hear about what you're most excited to see and experience!

See you at the NEC! David

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