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Event organiser skills: Print

If you organise classic car (or any other) events then you will be aware of the number of skills that you need. Marketing, database management, health and safety, web management and purchasing are just a short list of the knowledge you need.

Posters help sell events and make excellent souvenirs

So to help we talk to David Smith from ADG Print and Design about the basics of producing print for classic car events.

Participants in events, especially classic car events like to collect souvenirs. Not just trophies but stickers, posters and rally plates. Go to any enthusiasts garage and you will find walls covered in the ephemera of events some of which become valuable collectors items. Imagine the value of an original poster from the Mille Miglia or a rally plate from the Monte Carlo rally.

Window sticker

It is unlikely that your print will scale the dizzy heights of the collector market, but well designed print can build your reputation and make your event stand out from the crowd.

If you are new to print then David suggests you look at other peoples work to get some ideas for photography, style, colour and illustrations. The first place to look would be an image search on the internet or sign up to the online ideas app, Pintrest. Once you have found some examples, print them out to show your designer, photographer and illustrator.

Flags & Banners - ADG Design and Print supply many clubs with their printing needs.

Club events are rarely awash with cash and so we understand the need to keep costs down. For this reason print which is photography based is probably best. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer as many club members will have high quality images you can use. But, always make sure you have permission in writing.

Draft out the words, but keep it simple. Title, date, location, admission charge, contact information including web, email and phone number.

Select your illustration, one impactful image is better than lots of smaller ones.

High quality postcards

Where we would recommend that you use a professional is graphic design A good designer will produce an effective, high impact image that will not cost a fortune to produce. They will also be able to advise on papers and boards and specialist finishes such as spot varnishes. Many print companies like ADG Print and Design will have an in house design team and this makes the whole process simpler.

Before printing you will be sent a proof. It is important that you check everything, words, pictures and colours. Make sure you get someone else to proof read it double checking dates, web addresses and telephone numbers. If its is wrong after this stage then it is your fault and you will need to pay for the rerun.

ADG Print and Design were founded nearly 40 years ago with the aim of providing quality products and reliable services for businesses both large and small. With their in-house design team they are able to advise customers on any artwork they need. They are happy to give free guidance to the inexperienced and can produce the full range of print from flyers & leaflets, business cards, stickers and labels, even vehicle livery.

Whilst ADG Print and Design produce print for a wide range of businesses, David particularly enjoys working with the classic car sector. Not only has David worked on the full range of Rally Plaques, stickers and club merchandise but also on supporting major events.

David says

"You would be surprised what we can do. One example is a customer who recently approached us to screen print onto a set of Aston Martin brake callipers as part of his car’s rebuild. Also for the past few years, we’ve been working with the Saint-Saturnin Classic British Welcome in France. It is a fun, colourful car show to welcome visitors to Le Mans on the Friday before the 24-hour race. Over a thousand classic cars of all shapes and sizes, from all around the world, gather in Saint- Saturnin, on the northern outskirts of Le Mans.

We’ve also recently worked with Range Rover Special, a Classic Car Club in Norway, to produce a series of commemorative Rally Plaques for their celebration of the Zaire River Expedition, which took place in 1974-75."

So if you find yourself in need of help to produce a quality print job then give West Yorkshire based ADG Print and Design a call. It helps to work with fellow enthusiasts who understand what you need.

CONTACT DAVID at ADG Print & Design

t: 01274 636675

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